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Too many of us get stuck in the cycle, like rats on a giant rat wheel, aimlessly running around and around. We become numb to the purpose of all this running, and just blindly continue, not realizing why we are so unfulfilled. We too were in that cycle. Once aware, there was an urgency to change. This is a place we created to share our journey to step out of the cycle, and exit the rat race, that has enveloped America. Here we share everything from our daily lives, to open thoughts and all the adventures in-between. It is our hope that through our openness and experiences we will inspire others to step outside the cycle, away from societal norms, and think for themselves.

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Each day a new adventure, a new lesson, and continued growth

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From the country side of Sweden to the bustling city of Rotterdam.  We go where life takes us and never look back.

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A Divi Gem

Divi is known is ease of use, custom made layouts, child themes, everything you need to build a beautiful responsive site with minimal coding.  However, if you are like me, then you are more likely to use Divi as your base and want to add in your own custom touches. ...

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Small Business Online Payment Processing

As a small business when you decide to take your businss sales online, you are making a big step. Whether you are starting out online, or you have a brick and morter and are expanding your sales online. Choosing the best payment processing option can be daunting.  I...

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Does my small business need a website?

Do I really need a website? Every small business has to be budget savvy to be successful. Specifically, money you invest into your company must provide a return on investment. With this in mind, you have to ask yourself: Does my small business need a website?  The...

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