How to create a search bar that filters projects only, or pages/posts.


Install this plugin “Post Type Search for Divi” – Insert your newly added module “Post Type Search” on your respective page.

Go into new “Post Type Search” module settings and check “projects” and uncheck “pages”, and “posts”.

Save, update, and done.


As I was constructing DiviPies Themes / Project Page I realized that the standard default “Divi Search Module” only indexes pages and posts, but not projects. I wanted to make a search bar that filters for Divi Projects only. Sometimes you just want search results to be limited to a custom post type. Or you want to search posts, but not only pages. Or maybe you want to search Staff members and projects, but not posts. This module is more capable than the default Divi Search Module and in my opinion post type search is a great addition to your Divi skillset.

How to make divi project searchable


PLEASE NOTE: Third party custom modules for Divi are not accessible while using the Visual Builder.

Instructions unclear or need help? Leave a comment below and I’ll help you 🙂


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