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Firstly, with no limitations, we encourage all Divi users to create, share and improve upon their design.
We absolutely love Divi and hope to become a valuable resource within it’s community.
Share resources, knowledge, and tools.



The primary reason this site was constructed was to improve on old inefficient design. We have started to recognize a trend on all of these “Divi Layouts and Plugins” websites, and that trend is not something we believe in or enjoy. The trend is that it is not easy to access or acquire the resources you are after. You have to sign up, login, subscribe, pay, get spammed or if you’re really unlucky, a combination of those… We like to use the phrase “Easy as pie.” because that is the user experience we are trying to provide.


Terms and conditions

All content here within this website is and will continue to be absolutely and entirely covered under the GNU General Public License.


“The terms and conditions of the GPL must be made available to anybody receiving a copy of the work that has a GPL applied to it (“the licensee”). Any licensee who adheres to the terms and conditions is given permission to modify the work, as well as to copy and redistribute the work or any derivative version. The licensee is allowed to charge a fee for this service, or do this free of charge. This latter point distinguishes the GPL from software licenses that prohibit commercial redistribution. The FSF argues that free software should not place restrictions on commercial use,[53] and the GPL explicitly states that GPL works may be sold at any price”

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